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27 Nov 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Libya’s insurance market is still at the earliest stages of development. Key factors restraining the market growth include the continuous civil war in the country as well as the pre-existing structural problems like the limited uptake of formal banking services and the restricted national financial market. The market is unlikely to see good growth in the offing, with its future depending to a great degree on any further escalation of the conflict. Tunisia's insurance marketplace, especially the non-life sector, is far more established, though it size remains small by worldwide standards. Short-term movements in currency premiums are anticipated contract during 2015 and possibly 2016, before returning to growth over the remainder of the forecasted period.

The Tunisian Ministry of Finance is working out a modernisation plan for the financial industry during 2015-2020 comprising policy reforms to support the insurance coverage expansion and the uptake of formal banking services.

In Tunisia, both the non-life and life insurance sectors are poised for growth in the offing, with life premiums surging from USD 135 million in 2015 to USD 140 million by 2019 whilst non-life premiums growing from USD 707 million to USD 856 million.

New market research report “Libya & Tunisia Insurance Report Q1 2016” elaborated by BMI RESEARCH offers an insightful guide to the insurance sector performance in Libya and Tunisia. It provides a granular SWOT analysis of the insurance industry in the two countries. The study presents historical data and forecast figures for gross written premiums, as well as for the whole industry and its key sub-sectors across the countries. It provides granular risk/reward ratings (RRRs) for the industry in the MENA region. The research report includes a comprehensive market analysis, offers an examination of the competitive landscape, and gives details about the leading players and their product offerings. An exhaustive industry development forecast is provided in the study as well.

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Libya & Tunisia Insurance Report Q1 2016
Published: November, 2015
Pages: 61
Price: US$ 1,295.00

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