New Country Risk Reports by BMI RESEARCH Now Available at

02 Oct 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – TD The Market Publishers, Ltd. is pleased to inform that new country risk reports by BMI Research have been recently added to its online catalogue.

The research reports provide detailed analyses of key risks countries under discussion are facing. The studies insightfully discuss domestic politics and most of them comprise detailed long-term political outlook. The reports shed light on the latest activities in the field of economy. Some of them contain details on fiscal policies and monetary policies. The research studies include comprehensive 10-year forecasts for each country. They outline new priorities and offer long-term macroeconomic forecasts. The reports canvass operational risk of each country. The research studies look at performance of key sectors and highlight at major forecast challenges. They also include global macro outlook.

Some of countries covered comprise:

More new reports by the publisher can be found at BMI RESEARCH page


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