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04 Sep 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The Market Publishers, Ltd. is happy to announce that new water industry reports by BMI RESEARCH (BMI) have been added to its catalogue.

Hungary Real Estate Report 2015. Following on from a year of fast-paced growth, Hungary’s economy is poised for continuous growth, though at a slower pace owing to the inability to maintain economic measures which kick started the growth last year. The real estate industry is expected to benefit from the stability in Hungary, with strong bureaucratic and political outlook attracting investors, especially in the infrastructure and industrial sectors. Rental rates and yields will likely remain stable in the short run; however with the more favourable development environment and more stiff restrictions placed on global companies, if demand does not increase, vacancy rates are likely to surge with rental cost dropping in consequence …

Mexico Real Estate Report 2015. Mexico's stable economy has created a lucrative business environment which will in turn contribute to the growth in the commercial real estate sector. The transition toward a more service-based economy is currently opening up opportunities for retail developers in Mexico whilst the high-growth manufacturing sector is propelling growth within both warehousing and logistics real estate. Mexico’s strengthening economy is projected to keep on following an upward trajectory in the years to come. The growth has been mainly driven by the domestic manufacturing sector which will likely remain strong in the next ten years, with prominent performances in the automotive and electronics sectors in Monterrey. More detailed market information is available in the research report …

Turkey Real Estate Report 2015. Turkey's commercial real estate market has bright potential in the long run as ongoing growth in the country’s freight, infrastructure and retail sector position the nation as the major hub and leader of regional economies. Meantime, the uncertain political landscape in the country has had an adversely impacted local business and consumer confidence. Turkey's real GDP growth keeps on standing at 2.8% in 2015, similar to the pace seen in 2014, with today’s political uncertainty after the election in June and the AKP’s failure to have a coalition partner since. The economy shows some positive changes as political issues are being gradually resolved, which will be beneficial to the national commercial real estate sector to increase the occupancy and rent level in the next 5 years …

United Kingdom Real Estate Report 2015. Low commodity prices and inflation CPI of 0.0% in Q2 2015 are poised to sustain the UK’s healthy economy during the remainder of 2015 and into 2016. Higher wages in tandem with the temporary effects of low inflation rates have impacted consumer confidence, and are likely to see sustained levels in the offing. A long-term economic stability in the UK is expected to be attributed to the hike in energy and oil production, which have increased the GDP 0.7% Q2 2015 to 2.7% YoY, after a brief slowdown in Q1 2015 attributed to the volatile external economic environment. The Euro zone difficulties with bailout terms of Greece and ongoing sliding of China’s stock market is having influence upon investor confidence …

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