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26 Jun 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The Saudi Arabian defence sector is still small on a worldwide comparison. As such, the nation relies heavily on imports to comply with the requirements of its military forces. Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s biggest spenders on its military, driven by the internal and external expansion of Islamist militant groups that are hostile to the House of Saud, government concerns about the apparent strengthening of Iran’s influence across the region, and surging sectarian tensions in the country’s oil-rich eastern province. In the wake of these dynamics, the demand for military equipment is expected to remain high over the five coming years, especially in the sea segment, as Saudi Arabia is also mulling over a project to modernise its eastern naval fleet.

Saudi Arabia's defence expenditure is expected to reach USD 56.7 billion in 2015, posting a decline of just over 4% Y-o-Y. The Saudi-led air campaign against Yemen rebels, the nation’s fortification of border security stopping criminals and terrorists from entering the country, its support for Sunni allies in the wider region, as well as the country’s ongoing investment into cutting-edge combat equipment to ward off the threat of Iran will require considerable funding throughout the year.

New research study “Saudi Arabia Defence and Security Report 2015” worked out by Business Monitor International (BMI) provides a bird’s eye view of the Saudi Arabian defence and security sector. The report offers a detailed SWOT analysis of the industry, covers the country’s political and economic picture, presents a future outlook of the industry to 2019, gives information on defence spending. The study sheds light on the defence expenditure, gives an overview of the armed forces in the country, provides data on defence exports and imports, presents macroeconomic forecasts. It analyses the national defence and security marketplace, covering domestic, regional and international challenges and threats to Saudi Arabia’s security and stability. Insights into the international partnerships and defence agreements are also provided. The research report includes a granular economic analysis comprising industry risk and reward index along with the country’s security risk index. It delves deep into the competitive scenario and profiles the leading market players. A detailed overview of the defence and security industry on regional and global levels is available as well.

Report Details:

Saudi Arabia Defence and Security Report 2015
Published: June, 2015
Pages: 82
Price: US$ 1,295.00 

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