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20 Feb 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Market Publishers Ltd informs that new BMI research reports Q2 2015 on different countries’ auto markets have been added to its catalogue.

These newly published reports provide unbiased, in-depth insights into the autos markets across the different countries of the globe, describing political, economic and business landscape in the countries examined. A granular SWOT analysis of the national autos industries is presented in each study. Furthermore, the research publications provide historical (2013-2014) and forecast figures (2015-2019) on production and key suppliers, sales and trade with respect to the reviewed industries, delve into the competitive scenario in tandem with profiling the dominant industry players. Each study covers industry risk/reward ratings for the pertinent domestic auto market, outlines the future prospects for the industry, as well as includes long-term demographic and macroeconomic forecasts.

The List of Autos Markets Reports Q2 2015 by BMI:

Each Research Study Scope:

  • Comprehensive review of the autos sector at a national level.
  • Insights into economic, political and business environment in the examined country.
  • Detailed SWOT analysis of the industry.
  • Data on autos production, sales and trade (2013-2015).
  • Insights into the competitive scenario and profiles of the key market participants.
  • Industry risk/reward ratings.
  • Market and industry forecasts.
  • Forecasts of macroeconomic and demographic changes in the pertinent country.

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