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19 Dec 2014 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – In Q3 2014, a range of vitamin manufacturers in China experienced performance decline. For instance, the revenue of Zhejiang NHU Co., Ltd. decreased by just under 23% MoM, as well as Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. suffered losses during the period. To date, some enterprises, like Kingdomway and Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd., are gradually shifting their focus away from vitamin business to other spheres.

Meantime, the market prices of domestically produced vitamins are quite stable. On the back of the sluggish demand for vitamins, the prices of the majority of vitamins in November were almost similar to those of the month before, maintaining at low levels. For example, the VC price stood at USD 4,000 per tonne in circa two months. By contrast to thus, the price of feed grade vitamin B7 had increased noticeably in November which reached USD19,527 per tonne, growing at 20% MoM. This arose from production halts of several local manufacturers.  

New market research report “Vitamin China E-News 1411” elaborated by CCM International Limited (CCM) provides an up-close examination of the latest developments and activities in the Chinese vitamin industry. The study provides an in-depth analysis of the market performance, sheds light on the competition in the sector, reviews key marketers, discusses export/import dynamics, as well as identifies the major factors having a gearing on the industry’s development.

Companies mentioned are: Tiger Industries Inc., Zhejiang NHU Co., Ltd., Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., DSM (China) Ltd., Brother Enterprises Holding Co., Ltd., CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited, Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd., Xiamen Kingdomway Group Co., Ltd., Taizhou Hisound Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Garden Biochem Technology Co., Ltd. 

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Vitamin China E-News 1411
Published: December, 2014 
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Price: US$ 8.640,00

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