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02 Dec 2014 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd is happy to announce that in-demand market research reports, covering various country and regional markets, prepared by Business Monitor International (BMI) have been recently added to its catalogue.

Kazakhstan Insurance Report Q1 2015. The insurance sector in Kazakhstan faces numerous threats, and it has many weaknesses; weaknesses and threats are much more obvious than opportunities in this country’s sector. Premiums in the non-life segment have been low during H1 of 2014, given the downward tendency in rates on corporate lines. Non-live premiums are forecast to view moderate but steady growth in the years ahead. The insightful report examines the Kazakhstan's insurance market and presents extensive forecasts through 2018. It delves deep life and non-life premiums segment and reviews the key market drivers and restraints. Besides, the study uncovers accurate information on the leading insurance firms in Kazakhstan and contains an all-round demographic analysis, including details on rural and urban population and the overall life expectancy …

Madagascar Telecommunications Report 2015. As of late 2013, the mobile phone penetration rate in Madagascar was under 40%; it was a result of a decline in stock market prices through the year. The broadband penetration rate is anticipated to remain below 1% till 2018 due to the high prices for personal computers and data-enabled handsets for faster internet access. The study reveals wealth of data on the telecommunications sector performance in Madagascar and offers detailed SWOT analysis. It thoroughly examines the market trends, risks, latest developments and reviews main companies operating in the market. Moreover, the report discusses future opportunities of the telecommunications market in Madagascar …

North Africa Insurance Report Q1 2015. Growth of the life insurance sector in North Africa is forecast to be rather slow, given the low households' incomes and lack of affordability. There is also a rising consolidation among the North African markets due to a large number of insurers with lack of capital. Meantime, the larger insurers have the possibilities to enter the other African markets. The new report thoroughly investigates the North African insurance industry scenario, looking at the premiums in the life and non-life segments. It unveils key details on the sector performance across main countries and presents the insurance industry forecasts by 2018 …

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