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17 Jul 2014 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The natural resources industry is positioning itself to use Big Data to the best advantage. This wealth of information is a relatively untapped asset that organisations in this vertical can make use of once they adopt a shift in thought pattern and apply the proper processes and methods.

In the natural resources domain, Big Data can be derived from traditional sources – maintenance records and equipment monitoring. Data from these sources is typically collected and used in accordance with requirements, but up to this day, it was not always preserved for long-term usage.  With the right infrastructure and tools, natural resources companies can gain measurable business value from all these data sources. As the quantity of sources, data quantity, and the reliability of data updates gain ground, so does the value of Big Data, too.

New market study “Big Data in Extraction and Natural Resource Industries: Mining, Water, Timber, Oil and Gas 2014 - 2019” elaborated by Mind Commerce provides a comprehensive evaluation of the challenges and opportunities for leveraging Big Data and Analytics in the natural wealth and extraction industries. The report presents a detailed analysis of 25 companies, best practical solutions, burning issues, as well as future outlook for water management, timber and forest management, energy and electricity, mining, oil & gas industries. The report includes a review of the companies that are deemed to have key advantages in the market, including scale and scope to leverage Big Data and Analytics within the extraction and natural resources industry to the full. In addition, the research report includes a granular forecast for Big Data revenue through to end-2019.

Report Details:

Big Data in Extraction and Natural Resource Industries: Mining, Water, Timber, Oil and Gas 2014 - 2019
Published: July, 2014 
Pages: 49 
Price: US$ 995.00 

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