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15 Jan 2014 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The data market is thriving with an ever surging valuation. In the virtual data space, Big Data and small data are companion strategies on one level and choices of scope/scale on a different level. With Big Data holding distant days’ promises, taking the advantage of "small data" could bring positive results to small and medium enterprises, as well as to corporate giants. Put simply, due to the cost-performance barrier, a lot of lucrative markets are being inadequately served by Big Data approaches. Thoroughly selected data models and solutions should be more impartial, accurate, and eventually lead to improved return-on-investment particularly for nearer-term time horizons and/or for organisations with limitations in scope and/or scale.

In-demand report “Big Data vs. Small Data Strategies for Next Generation Business” drawn up by Mind Commerce provides an in-depth understanding of data management themes, opportunities and challenges pertaining to small data and Big Data approaches. The study presents in-depth coverage of small data best practices and emerging small data business scenarios and models. The research report gives an adequate assessment of considerations, planning, and strategies for a ‘small data’ strategy. Big Data vs. small data strategies are compared and contrasted in terms of company focus and capabilities. In addition, the speculations about Big Data’s future are made in the report, including an insightful discussion of emerging business models and practices.

Report Details:

Big Data vs. Small Data Strategies for Next Generation Business
Published: December, 2013
Pages: 49
Price: US$ 995.00

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