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10 Jan 2014 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The renewable industry in the US has been expanding rapidly over the past ten years, driven by increased levels of investment, supported by national renewable energy targets and the government’s subsidies. As of today, the country boasts of having one of the largest renewable industries worldwide, both in terms of electricity generation and installed capacity.

Within the solar sector, installation rates are expected to be stronger than expected. Meanwhile, the geothermal sector will most likely lose its momentum, and wind energy capacity additions are poised to slow down over the forecast period. All in all, the US renewable energy market sentiment has improved noticeably during 2013, as the US government has reinforced its commitment to its ‘green’ energy policy. Iberdrola, Westinghouse Solar, Exelon NextEra, Trina Solar, Mid-American, Siemens AG, First Sola, Suntech Power Holdings, and LDK Solar are amid the entrenched players in the marketplace.

New cutting-edge study “United States Renewables Report Q1 2014” drawn up by Business Monitor International (BMI) offers a detailed and impartial analysis on the renewable energy sector in the United States.

The study scrutinizes the industry at the national scale. It offers accurate data on the installed electricity generating capacity, leading renewable energy related projects, competitive pressures in the industry, domestic sustainable energy policies and infrastructure. The US power industry SWOT analysis is included. The research report also discloses renewable feed-in tariffs in the country (as of 2012) and risk/reward ratings. Furthermore, the US renewable energy forecast scenario, including mid-term (to 2016) and long-term (2022) forecasts of the US total electricity generation and installed electricity generating capacity are provided.

Report Details:

United States Renewables Report Q1 2014
Published: January, 2014
Pages: 49
Price: US$ 1,295.00

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