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13 Sep 2013 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – China's water industry is currently facing good hard work, with vast sums of money being spent on preparing the country’s water infrastructure for a mushrooming population which is expected to cross 1.6 billion mark by end-2030. Besides, China is in need of tackling its deep seated water pollution problems. Nevertheless, despite a great many projects planned for the next few years, the sector is unlikely to get back on track during the forecast period, as water extraction, consumption and losses are poised for an upsurge through to 2017.

As of today, China is being faced with two major problems – the disparity of water reserves and supply coverage between rural and urban areas, as well as its pollution. The most desperate situation is in North China, where over-extraction results in the presence of high salt levels in portable water. Bottled water is not much better, due to the ongoing influence of archaic Soviet regulations.

Comprehensive market research report “China Water Report Q4 2013” elaborated by Business Monitor International (BMI) offers a comprehensive guide to the worldwide water industry, focusing on China. The study presents the latest data on public and private sector investment in all key water projects in China, including treatment, sanitation, storage, transportation and network expansion. It scrutinises the influence of various regulatory initiatives, GDP growth, besides providing the background macroeconomic and socio-demographic outlook on future water demand and supply growth. Insightful analysis of the competitive landscape along with detailed profiles of the major public water companies is included, too. Furthermore, the research provides the overall industry forecast scenario through 2017 as well as a demographic forecast for China up to 2020.

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China Water Report Q4 2013
Published: July, 2013
Pages: 38
Price: US$ 1,295.00

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