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02 Aug 2013 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – In the present-day world, cloud computing constitutes on the most important and interesting sectors of the whole information technology space. In the United States, the number of smartphones used today is greater than that of laptops; and the demand for tables has recently witnessed considerable growth. IT enterprises, therefore, has to take on extra responsibilities of serving clients that use their mobile products and services to interact with the company.

The cloud services market is distinguished by a gradual shift from conventional computing and storage to absolutely new realm of applications, communications, content and commerce. As a result, a great many services such as, among others, cloud-based payments solutions or Google Voice for cloud-based communications within the m-commerce arena are currently widely available.

Insightful market research study “Beyond Cloud Computing: Mobile Communications, Applications, Content, and Commerce in the Cloud” created by Mind Commerce Publishing presents an extensive overview of the global cloud-based services market.

The report focuses on the cloud-based mobile communications, applications, content and commerce. It reviews the major market participants, outlines key industry solutions, and discusses major industry opportunities and challenges, and evaluates the future potential of cloud-based services. The research study covers prevailing market trends along with burning industry issues; provides in-depth market analysis by services, and offers critical data on the industry performance in the past, today and in the upcoming years up to 2017.

Report Details:

Beyond Cloud Computing: Mobile Communications, Applications, Content, and Commerce in the Cloud
Published: July, 2013
Pages: 67
Price: US$ 1,995.00

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