DNA Sequencing Market Canvassed in In-Demand Report by Biopharm Reports

05 Jun 2013 • by Natalie Aster

DNA sequencing is important in all areas of biological research and increasing demand for this technique is driving advances in this field, in the form of next-generation sequencing techniques. New report "DNA Sequencing 2013: Market Developments, Growth Areas and Opportunities" by Biopharm Reports states that today, laboratories use a number of different sequencing methods; however common goals include increasing throughputs and speeds, while reducing costs.

Report Details:

DNA Sequencing 2013: Market Developments, Growth Areas and Opportunities
Published: February, 2013
Pages: 204
Price: US$ 2,794.00

Biopharm Reports has carried out a global market study of the DNA sequencing field, involving the participation of 233 DNA sequencers and decision-makers in more than 50 countries. This study was carried out to investigate market developments, and to identify new insights and opportunities to developers and vendors in this field.

This market study investigated current and future techniques and applications, end-users’ plans for using DNA sequencing over the next three years, as well as preferred products, purchasing and new developments. Other market areas included new and emerging applications, end-users’ principal sequencing systems and their strengths and weaknesses, current and future budgets, budget breakdown, consumables, challenges, innovation, software and sample preparation.

More information can be found in the report “DNA Sequencing 2013: Market Developments, Growth Areas and Opportunities” by Biopharm Reports.

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