Lysogeny Broth is the Most Common Media Used for Microorganisms, Reports Kalorama Information

20 May 2013 • by Natalie Aster

Different kinds of cells require different types of media. Serum based media are widely used to grow a broad range of animal cell types and cell lines such as Chinese hamster ovaries (CHO) or murine myeloma cells (NS0) cells. The most common media used for microorganisms, primarily used for the growth of bacteria, is Lysogeny broth (LB), a nutritionally rich medium. It is also known as Luria broth or Luria-Bertani broth.

According to the report “Cell Culture: The Market for Media, Sera and Reagents, 5th Edition” by Kalorama Information, the primary distinction in the types of media is that made between media required for animal cells and media required for microorganisms, such as bacteria or yeast.

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Cell Culture: The Market for Media, Sera and Reagents, 5th Edition
Published: April, 2013
Pages: 152
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LB media formulations have been an industry standard for the cultivation of Escherichia coli since the 1950s. These media have been widely used in molecular microbiology applications for the preparation of plasmid DNA and recombinant proteins. It continues to be one of the most common media used for maintaining and cultivating recombinant strains of Escherichia coli.

There are several common formulations of LB. Although they are different, they generally share a somewhat similar composition of ingredients used to promote growth, including the following:

  • Peptides and casein peptones 
  • Vitamins (including B vitamins) 
  • Trace elements (e.g. nitrogen, carbon, sulfur) 
  • Minerals

Peptides and peptones are provided by tryptone. Vitamins and certain trace elements are provided by yeast extract. Sodium ions for transport and osmotic balance are provided by sodium chloride.

More information can be found in the report “Cell Culture: The Market for Media, Sera and Reagents, 5th Edition” by Kalorama Information.

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