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Global Biofuels Market Explored in New Cutting-Edge Research Report by Industry Experts

12 Apr 2013 • by Natalie Aster

Biofuels constitute fuels, the energy of which is derived from biological carbon fixation. They comprise fuels obtained from biomass conversion, in addition to solid biomass, liquid fuels and numerous biogases. Over the past few years, more and more public and scientific attention is being directed towards biofuels, prime drivers of which include volatile oil prices and a requirement for enhanced energy security. Worldwide, the most predominantly used biofuels include ethanol (bioethanol or fuel ethanol) and biodiesel.

According to the report “Biofuels - A Global Market Overview” by Industry Experts, ethanol is an alcohol made through fermenting carbohydrates produced in sugar or starch crops, such as corn or sugarcane. Though it can be utilized in its pure form for powering vehicles, ethanol is normally added to gasoline for enhancing its octane content and improving vehicular emissions. In the United States and Brazil, ethanol is extensively applied as a fuel additive or entirely on its own.

Report Details:

Biofuels - A Global Market Overview
Published: April, 2013
Pages: 270
Price: US$ 3,960.00

Research and development activities are being conducted to develop cellulosic biomass obtained from non-food sources, such as grasses and trees, as a feedstock for producing ethanol. Biodiesel is a diesel-like fuel that is derived from vegetable oils and animal fats. It can also be used for powering vehicles in its pure form, though it is generally employed as an additive to diesel for decreasing levels of particulates, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons associated with vehicles running on diesel. In widespread use in Europe, biodiesel is obtained from oils or fats via transesterification.

More information can be found in the report “Biofuels - A Global Market Overview” by Industry Experts.

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