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Global Implantable and Needle-Free Drug Delivery Systems Market Examined in New Report by Kalorama Information

05 Apr 2013 • by Natalie Aster

Beyond the development of alternatives to parenteral delivery, there is much work being conducted to improve the mechanisms by which actives are injected into veins and muscle tissues, and to reduce potential side effects. Injectable products are susceptible to getting stalled in the development pipeline, even though the drug's inherent properties are favorable. Many products might not make it to the market because they require a non-water based solvent or a very acidic environment to make them soluble. The low pH of a highly acidic formulation has the tendency to cause intense irritation at the injection site.

According to the report “The World Market for Implantable and Needle-Free Drug Delivery Systems” by Kalorama Information, nanocarriers have been an especially appealing area of discovery for drug delivery. There are several factors impacting drug delivery. One of the most relevant are size and shape which influences particle function, such as degradation, vascular dynamics, targeting, clearance and uptake mechanisms. The size of nanodrugs must be large enough to prevent rapid leakage in blood capillaries, but small enough to escape the capture of macrophages. A second factor is surface characteristics, which can determine their lifespan during circulation in the blood stream.

Report Details:

The World Market for Implantable and Needle-Free Drug Delivery Systems
Published: February, 2013
Pages: 120
Price: US$ 2,995.00

One of the big breakthroughs in this area was the finding that particles coated with hydrophilic polymer molecules (PEG) can resist serum protein adsorption, prolonging the systemic circulation of the particle. The surface charge on the particle also effects internalization by macrophages.

Various nanoforms have been explored for drug delivery. These have varied from biological substances, such as albumin, gelatin and phospholipids for liposomes, to chemical substances such as various polymers and solid metal containing nanoparticles.

More information can be found in the report “The World Market for Implantable and Needle-Free Drug Delivery Systems” by Kalorama Information.

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