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Partnering Deals and Alliances with Big Pharma Unveiled in New Report by CurrentPartnering

20 Mar 2013 • by Natalie Aster

The most comprehensive and in-depth insight into the dealmaking interests and activity of the worlds leading fifty big pharma companies are provided in the “Partnering Deals and Alliances with Big Pharma” report by CurrentPartnering. This premier report provides all the information you require to better understand big pharma partnering.

Report Details:

Partnering Deals and Alliances with Big Pharma
Published: February, 2013
Pages: 1014
Price: US$ 2,995.00

One of the key aspects of partnering is finding those companies that are potential candidates for the development and commercialization of the next generation of therapies. A lot of resources are spent on finding partners, identifying their interests and making contact to initiate discussions.

Using this report, dealmakers will effectively and efficiently target their partnering activities to deliver the company’s business development objectives. Over 300 charts allow quick understanding of each big pharma companies dealmaking trends over the last four years.

This report contains over 3,000 links to online copies of actual partnering deals as recorded at Current Agreement, together with contract documents if submitted to the Securities Exchange Commission by big pharma and their partners.

Contract documents provide the answers to numerous questions about a prospective partner’s flexibility on a wide range of important issues, many of which will have a significant impact on each party’s ability to derive value from the deal.

The initial chapters of this report provide an orientation of big pharma’s dealmaking and business activities.

Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the report, whilst chapter 2 lists the top 50 leading big pharma companies based on 2010 pharmaceutical revenues and dealmaking activity since 2005.

Chapter 3 reviews the top deals of 2005-2013 according to reported deal size.

Chapter 4 provides a summary on best practice on how to submit an opportunity to big pharma, to ensure building of relationships and to obtain a prompt assessment and response from the business development function of the prospective partner.

Chapter 5 lists forthcoming partnering events where valuable face to face meetings with big pharma provide a highly effective means of obtaining interest in novel opportunities. These events are where dealmaking gets initiated through numerous back to back meetings.

The main body of the report is provided in chapter 6. In-depth profiles of every big pharma company provide everything required to assess the suitability of a company as a prospective partner. Each profile includes a company overview, partnering activity according to deal type, phase of development, therapy area and technology type.

Each company profile provides a comprehensive listing of deal records available at Current Agreements, each of which links direct to an online copy of the actual deal record plus contract document if filed with the SEC.

More information can be found in the report “Partnering Deals and Alliances with Big Pharma” by CurrentPartnering.

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