India Alcoholic Beverages are Sold Mainly in State-Run Liquor Stores, Claims IS Advisors

25 Feb 2013 • by Natalie Aster

Much of the country's alcohol is sold in state-run liquor stores, which are typically decrepit, or in dingy bars. However off lately, large Indian retailers are starting to sell spirits in modern, air-conditioned stores, and the entry of international supermarkets is expected to accelerate the change. Moreover, with cafes and fast-food restaurants serving beer, pubs and bars slating early evenings as cheaper Happy Hour, alcohol is within easy reach. Bars at homes in India are also seeing fancy.

According to the report “Alcoholic Beverages Industry in India (2013-15)” by IS Advisors, the alcoholic beverages industry has been concentrating and investing heavily on packaging and upgrading the packaging standards. Packaging for alcoholic beverages will continue to drift towards glass. However, some pockets at certain price points are depending on PET, considering it is a cheaper and cost effective alternative. While premium products are always in glass for the lifestyle and international feel, regular range use a lot of recycled glass for economical reasons. PET bottles (recently introduced) for beer companies are potentially showing a big opportunity, going forward.

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Alcoholic Beverages Industry in India (2013-15)
Published: February, 2013
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More information can be found in the report “Alcoholic Beverages Industry in India (2013-15)” by IS Advisors.

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