PET Bottles May Make a Change in Packaging Industry, Says Visiongain

15 Jan 2013 • by Natalie Aster

Glass is a material which is much more stable than most others and nothing from glass leaches into its contents as happens with plastic containers. One recent case of this was a study released from America about plastic packaging bringing forward the menopausal period in women. These sorts of shock stories do not happen with glass and more of these stories are staring to appear with plastic and other forms of packaging. Yet the resources placed behind the plastics industry are huge and the developmental spending on plastics will always be there. According to the report “Global Glass Packaging Market 2013-2023” by Visiongain there will always be more money spent in that area with plastics than with glass. PET bottles, may jump in and make a change in the packaging industry, one of the leading brewers is seriously looking at just wholly using PET bottles for beer which would be a step change. The packaging market is a growing market and the glass packaging market will probably continue growing at the same rate.

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Global Glass Packaging Market 2013-2023
Published: December, 2012
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There is interesting stuff happening with aluminium and steel at the moment. Coca Cola have been making some interesting bottles out of aluminium and aluminium is a very recyclable material with just as good environmental credentials as glass. Once you have got the bauxite out of the ground to make aluminium the packaging prices for aluminium may be less. It may take more energy to make but once you have a bulk stock of the stuff it is stable; however you do have to keep digging out the bauxite and keep converting it to aluminium. On a resource level put simply as bauxite vs. silica, bauxite is more expensive. But it is a resource and like all resources it depends on demand factors driving prices like China’s growth.

More information can be found in the report “Global Glass Packaging Market 2013-2023” by Visiongain.

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