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New Marketing Reports Package by FirstWord

31 Oct 2012 • by Natalie Aster

New Thinking in Patient Adherence. New Thinking in Patient Adherence reveals a shift towards a more holistic approach to this costly problem, and reviews a wealth of innovative tactics that are being used to address compliance and persistence issues worldwide. You will learn about new ways that leading pharmaceutical companies are collaborating with other healthcare stakeholders, including clinicians, pharmacists, payers, and health systems. This up-to-the-minute report also provides details on effective educational initiatives, and the very latest technological solutions, including smart pills and packaging, mobile applications, and remote monitoring.

Generic Defence Strategies: Targeting Patient Co-Pay. This report provides an in-depth analysis of the growing use of co-payment coupons to drive market share to branded drugs, particularly those on higher-tier formulary levels. Current perspectives and fresh case studies reveal that although "couponing" has been a highly effective direct to the consumer marketing tactic - increasing awareness and positive perception as well as sales - payers and consumers are increasingly pushing back on the practice, with greater restrictions and authorizations for non-preferred brands. How can pharma respond to this changing environment and turn a challenge into an opportunity?

Tiered Pricing Strategies in Emerging Markets. Tiered Pricing Strategies in Emerging Markets offers concisely written insights into the issue of differential pricing in fast-growing markets where stark disparities in wealth are common. Based on interviews with experts from pharma, health economics and health activism, the report sheds light on the challenges ahead in establishing the right price point, increasing market access and avoiding the diversion of price-tiered products into wealthier markets while answering the call of corporate social responsibility. Filled with clear explanations and timely examples, the dossier gives the industry a precise view of a new and selective strategy.

Adapting to a New Environment: Emerging Segmentation Practice in the Pharmaceutical Industry. FirstWord Dossier washes away muddy thinking about what market segmentation is by offering a clear and succinct definition. It delves into how it has become a complex and highly evolved practice that dismisses a single 'best practice' approach and allows for company-by-company 'best practice for us'. The report, based on five case studies and insight from a leading consultancy, identifies the drivers behind this development, as well as the tangible and intangible lessons to be learned.

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