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Various Markets Comprehensively Discussed in New FirstWord Report Package

26 Oct 2012 • by Natalie Aster

Pharma Reputations: Managing Perceptions. In today's world, trust in authority and big business continues to decline, and Tweets and Likes can make or destroy a company's reputation overnight. In this new environment, it's increasingly essential to integrate reputation management and thinking into every part of an organization. A comprehensive report from FirstWord provides a view of the key issues affecting reputation, examines the real impact that a good or bad reputation can have, and outlines the key steps a company can take to reach reputational competence.

Sampling: A Key Business Driver in a Multi-channel Environment. Reliance on long-established sales activities and concerns for jobs have made Pharma reluctant to transition from sales-led physical sampling programmes to a centralised, multi-channel model. However, requirements for greater reporting transparency around sampling, reduction in sales personnel, and the positive results coming from new sampling tactics, are encouraging the move to a multi-channel model. This new report provides an in-depth analysis of the major trends in sampling, and a wealth of insights from companies who are pioneering a more intelligent, centralised, and efficient approach to the sampling.

Effective Sales and Marketing Strategies for Orphan Drugs. This report reviews the increasing migration of big pharma into the potentially lucrative orphan drug market. It defines the distinctly different marketing strategies and challenges of orphan drugs vs. non-orphan drugs. It also discusses the specific factors and stakeholders that drive orphan drug development and uptake.

The report on Effective Sales and Marketing Strategies for Orphan Drugs draws on critical opinions of 13 experts in orphan drugs and rare diseases. It analyses the latest business models, strategies and challenges that pharma companies face in orphan drug development, stakeholder awareness and commercialisation.

New Product Penetration: Understanding & Accelerating New Product Uptake. This report reveals that the major factors shaping today's product uptake curves are rapidly changing. However, many pharmaceutical executives are unaware of these facts. They also fail to update their strategies for developing and launching their new products.

New Product Penetration: Understanding & Accelerating New Product Uptake draws on critical analysis of peer-reviewed studies, and expert opinions from interviews with industry leaders. It includes a range of recommended tactics, and a guide to essential questions to consider, to help improve the target market uptake of your new pharmaceutical products.

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