M2M Ecosystem Gained Significant Momentum, Informs Mind Commerce Publishing

16 Oct 2012 • by Natalie Aster

The M2M ecosystem has gained significant momentum recently, driven largely by necessity as cellular service provider revenue opportunities diminish due to flattening mobile subscriber base growth. Network operators have recognized the need to leverage their substantial investment in infrastructure to offer M2M as a value-added services that will add new sources of revenue.

However, growth in M2M is limited in part due to the lack of useful information and guidance for decision makers across a wide variety of industry verticals. Expanded M2M growth is predicated upon providing support to C-level, vice president, directors, and senior managers within enterprise as well as the many manager/owners of small-to-medium businesses.

The new report “M2M Technology Drivers, Market Dynamics, and Industry Verticals” by Mind Commerce Publishing introduces M2M concepts to business leaders. It provides critical information for small businesses, large enterprise and the public sector to begin to exploit M2M. It will also offer key knowledge for understanding the impact of M2M on operations, profitability and competitiveness.

Report Details:

M2M Technology Drivers, Market Dynamics, and Industry Verticals
Published: October, 2012
Pages: 65
Price: US$ 795,00

Questions answered in Report:

  • How is M2M relevant to my business? 
  • How can M2M help me reduce OPEX? 
  • How can M2M improve customer service? 
  • How can M2M solve my logistics challenges? 
  • How can M2M improve employee accountability? 
  • How can M2M help stimulate incremental sales? 
  • How can M2M increase profitability?

More information can be found in the report “M2M Technology Drivers, Market Dynamics, and Industry Verticals” by Mind Commerce Publishing.

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