Central Europe Private Healthcare Market Reached EUR 6.5 Billion in 2011, According to PMR Publications

03 Oct 2012 • by Natalie Aster

The overall private healthcare market in Central Europe increased by 36% between 2007 and 2011, from €4.7bn to €6.5bn. This happened despite the decline in euro terms in 2009 which was caused by the global financial crisis and the reduction in patient purchasing power.

Poland and the Czech Republic accounted for the most substantial proportion of total market value (39% and 31% respectively in 2011) due to their populations' relative affluence (in both countries), along with Poland's large population and the relatively comprehensive reforms in the Czech Republic. Bulgaria accounted for only 3%. Private healthcare market value in the report comprises: cost of rehabilitation, diagnostic tests and doctor’s appointments covered directly from patients’ pockets subscriptions offered by medical companies together with occupational healthcare services health insurance offered by insurance companies.

Shares of Individual Countries as a Proportion of the Value of the Private Healthcare Market in Central Europe (%), 2011
Shares of Individual Countries as a Proportion of the Value of the Private Healthcare Market in Central Europe (%), 2011 

Per capita spending on private medical services is at its highest in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (€211 and €154 in 2011), as they have the most extensively developed health systems, in which private insurance plays an important role, whereas those of Romania and Bulgaria might still be regarded as insignificant in comparison with the leaders in the region (€23 and 26 respectively), given the lack of proper legislation, particularly in Romania, along with the low incomes. This means that these countries are far from saturation.

According to the newest PMR Publications report “Private healthcare market in Central Europe 2012”, the market growth forecast for the private healthcare market in Central Europe in 2012 has been reined in slightly (to 7.5% y-o-y increase) because of the deteriorating macroeconomic conditions which will affect this market in all of the countries analysed with the exception of Poland and Bulgaria. “In all, the market will not generate record growth similar to that achieved before 2008 despite improvements in the legislation in some countries. However, there will be nothing crucial: no competition in the area of compulsory insurance is planned in countries in which it has not yet been implemented.” – Monika Stefanczyk, the head healthcare analyst at PMR and the author of the report explained. For example in Poland, Romania and Hungary the legislation will stimulate the growth of private insurance, but the overall year-on-year change will not be significant. The increase in fee-for-services will have a greater effect than anything else (due to the largest share in the discussed market).

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Private healthcare market in Central Europe 2012
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