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17 Sep 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – At the end of 2011, China had over 500 million internet users, 325 million online video users, 250 million microbloggers, and 244 million social media site users. Chinese internet users are relatively young (mostly under 30) and the most active online video users in particular are both young (19–24) with a middle-class income.

Television remains the most effective medium to reach Chinese mass-market consumers. However, the explosive growth of online video and social media cannot be ignored by marketers in China. Online video targets the most attractive consumer segment – young, upwardly mobile middle-class consumers. Branded online video is becoming a useful tool to engage and communicate with the Chinese audience especially when the marketing goal is to establish a unique brand image or proposition to customers.

New report “China’s Advertising Sweet Spot: Targeting Young, Upwardly Mobile Consumers with Digital Media” developed by Multimedia Research Group, Inc. (MRG) focuses on the rise of social media and online video as the latest important channels for digital marketing in China, aiming to answer the question how marketers can effectively incorporate these two media into their marketing campaigns to drive measurable results.

The study shows why online video and social media have become such critical tools to reach Chinese consumers, as well as looks at how market leaders have successfully implemented the use of digital media to capture the eyes and wallets of Chinese consumers. Additionally, forecasts for social media and online video advertising growth in China are also included.

Report Details:

China’s Advertising Sweet Spot: Targeting Young, Upwardly Mobile Consumers with Digital Media
Published: August, 2012
Price: US$ 1.950,00

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