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Indian Government Makes Efforts to Improve Telecom Market Standing in International Arena, According to SRI

11 Jul 2012 • by Natalie Aster

India is one of the leading telecom markets across the world, which still has a huge potential for further growth. The government’s liberal policies and strong regulatory framework have supported the growth of this sector and ensured that affordable, high quality telecom services are made available to people across the country. There were many major developments on the policy front post 2000, with the establishment of BSNL, introduction of Unified Access Licensing regime, implementation of calling party pays, etc. The National Telecom Policy 1994 allowed private players to enter the Indian telecom space and the NTP-1999 ensured that these players can operate in a viable environment.

The government has also supported the growth of the sector by liberalising its investment policies and allowing 74% FDI in companies providing telecom services and 100% FDI in infrastructure, e-mail, voice mail service and manufacturing of telecom equipments. While the recent scams and cancelling of licenses has had a negative impact on the Indian telecom space, the government is making efforts to improve the market standing of the sector in the international arena while providing complete support to boost the growth of the sector in both rural and urban India.

The insightful report “India Telecom Industry - Regulatory Overview” provided by Smart Research Insights highlights key trends and developments emerging in the Indian telecom industry. It analyses the regulations and policies governing the Indian telecom sector and how various stakeholders impact the growth of the same. The report also studies the tariff management in the sector, while analysing the recent regulatory initiatives in the sector.

Report Details:

India Telecom Industry - Regulatory Overview
Published: May, 2012
Pages: 25
Price: US$ 800,00

In March 2012 TRAI’s Consumers Protection Regulations was implemented. The Regulation is aimed at making the telecom tariff easier to understand for the consumers. The regulation is, however, mandatory for all mobile operators.

The regulation makes it mandatory for a 'Start-Up Kit' (SUK) to be provided to a consumer on acquiring a new mobile connection. The kit will contain the SIM card and a brief version of the citizen's charter provided under the Telecom Consumers Complaint Redressal Regulations 2012. This charter will notify consumers of their rights and deliverables of their telecom service provider.

The SUK will not contain plan voucher or special tariff voucher, but will include base tariff offered by the service provider (tariff without any scheme). In addition, the regulation makes it compulsory for the service providers to notify the user regarding premium call rates of a service via voice alert prior to the call being connected. The voice alert is required to be provided in English along with the regional language of the service area.

More information can be found in the report “India Telecom Industry - Regulatory Overview” by Smart Research Insights.


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