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China Strengthens Its Position in Robust Computer Industry, Suggests Global Sources

14 Jun 2012 • by Natalie Aster

China continues to leverage OEM capability to strengthen its position in the robust computer industry.

At present, the hub is the largest manufacturing base for the line, representing more than 80 percent of global output.

Tablet PCs, including the iPad and Android-based variants, are mainly subcontracted there. Own-brand models of the second type are also available.

Laptops, however, are still the strongest category in the local sector.

According to the report “Sourcing Report: Tablet PCs & Computer Terminals” by Global Sources, in 2011, yield and exports hit 244 million and 230 million units, surging by 32 and 21 percent YoY. The latter will reach 328 million units in 2014, broadening China’s worldwide output share to 80 percent from its current 60 percent level.

All-in-one computers continue to be a key type in the domestic desktop segment, reflecting the global trend.

Their space-saving configurations are popular with the enterprise sector.

Report Details:

Sourcing Report: Tablet PCs & Computer Terminals
Published: March, 2012
Pages: 57
Price: US$ 450,00

Key findings

  1. The majority of interviewed suppliers plan to reduce export prices in coming months to attract orders amid intense competition. For most, the adjustment will not exceed 10 percent, while a few will slash quotes by more than 15 percent. 
  2. The rest of the respondents are raising rates to remain buoyant in the face of elevated labor and material costs and yuan valuation. A bigger number will go for 11 to 15 percent or higher markups. 
  3. In spite of outlay challenges, most companies anticipate improved export sales of at least 10 percent this year. Many even expect to surpass 20 percent. 
  4. Over 80 percent of the global tablet PC output comes from China, with the bulk from OEM enterprises. The last includes local operations and iPad subcontractor Foxconn. 
  5. Homegrown tablet computer suppliers continue to offer mostly 7in models to avoid competing directly with the iPad. Output of larger versions in 8, 8.9 and 10.1in will climb in the months ahead to match global trends. 
  6. To strengthen traditional mobile and desktop categories, manufacturers adopt new and faster CPUs and integrate value-added features, all aimed at taking product performance a notch higher. Those in the all-in-one PC category are releasing more touchscreen models. 
  7. North America and Europe will remain the target destinations, although more suppliers are exploring other markets, including the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East.

More information can be found in the report “Sourcing Report: Tablet PCs & Computer Terminals” by Global Sources.

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