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06 Mar 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – With rates having plunged due to overcapacity last year, the threat of a drop off in demand is believed to see a 2009 downturn scenario play out once again.

By how much will rates fall by on the back of declining demand and overcapacity? How much of a threat is a replay of 2009? Which trade route is most exposed to the risks of falling rates? What strategies can carriers adopt to best mitigate this risks in this market? How likely is consolidation? How much of a threat do increased scrapping, new build deferrals and the possibility of order book cancellations pose to the container sector? Will the industry address the issue of carbon emissions in time to avoid the need for outside intervention? The answers to all these critical questions and many more are available in the report.

New market research report “Container Shipping: Replay of 2009 Threatens As Carriers Face Twin Threats Of Declining Demand And Overcapacity” elaborated by Business Monitor International (BMI) provides critical assessment of the challenges the global container shipping sector is set to face in the upcoming years. It features in-depth analysis on the varying exposure of the container shipping market’s sub-sectors to a potential replay of the 2009 downturn and examines the implications on different strategies currently in play. Furthermore, the industry’s competitive landscape, with detailed information on its leaders, can also be found in the study.

Report Details:

Container Shipping: Replay of 2009 Threatens As Carriers Face Twin Threats Of Declining Demand And Overcapacity
Published: February, 2012
Pages: 44
Price: US$ 530,00

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