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New China Chemicals & Petrochemicals Markets Reports Recently Published at MarketPublishers.com

23 Feb 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd informs that new in-demand reports on chemicals & petrochemicals markets in China prepared by CCM Chemicals have been added to its catalogue.

Survey of Insecticides in China. The report delves into in-depth analysis of the Chinese insecticide industry, and deeply analyzes 12 key insecticides – DDVP, acephate, trichlorfon, chlorpyrifos, dimethoate, imidacloprid, beta-cypermethrin, phoxim, abamectin, malathion, acetamiprid and endosulfan – from the perspectives of registration, production, technology, price and consumption …

Market Analysis of Pyrethroids Industry in China. Pyrethroids they have been playing an enormous role in the pest control on various crops in China, ranking the third place both by domestic consumption volume and market value among all categories of insecticides in 2010. The study traces the latest market information on China's pyrethroids industry and carries out in-depth analysis of supply and demand, future development trends, top companies operating in the sector …

Consumption and Benchmarking of Titanium Dioxide in China. What is the detailed consumption pattern of domestic titanium dioxide? What is the precise consumption of different end users in China? What is the detailed production cost of the major domestic manufacturers? What is the precise production cost and profit analysis of titanium dioxide of the four manufacturers? Answers to all these critical questions and many more can be found in the research report …

Production and Consumption Situation of Titanium Dioxide in China. Analyzing China’s titanium dioxide industry, the report highlights production information on key domestic manufacturers and their production technologies, market price of titanium dioxide and raw material supply information, apparent consumption and consumption pattern of titanium dioxide in the country; as well as production information of different end users in China …

Influencing Factors of Pesticide Industry in China. The research work provides a detailed examination of the factors influencing the development of the Chinese pesticide industry from the aspects of policies factors, social environment, economic factors, environmental/natural and technological factors …

More new market research reports by the publisher can be found at CCM Chemicals page.


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