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Rising Electronics Consumption & Government Intervention Incites E-Waste Market, Finds Netscribes

17 Feb 2012 • by Natalie Aster

Electronics and electrical products including computer and its equipments are one of the highest consumed products in the country.

With rapidly increasing electronics consumption, electronic waste generated by such product has also grown and expected to skyrocket in the coming years. With billions of consumer spread across the nation and e-waste being handled largely by unorganized sector, organized, efficient and proper e-waste management is the need of the hour.

The ‘Market Overview’ section elaborates global & domestic market state of e-waste management. According to the new study “E-Waste Market in India 2012” by Netscribes (India), it is accompanied by a plethora of statistical information regarding e-waste in global scenario as well as in India such as global & domestic market size in terms of volume of e-waste generation, revenue generated from e-waste management and other related information. The section also elaborates major global e-waste exportation route denoting source and destination countries.

Report Details:

E-Waste Market in India 2012
Published: February, 2012
Pages: 59
Price: US$ 600,00

The section continues with emphasis on information regarding domestic market including e-waste produced in India, projected increase in the same, amount of e-waste recycled yearly, volumes of e-waste created by major electronic products, yearly ewaste importation in the country and other related information. It continues with major e-waste generating products and its hazardous contents which details various products, its components and hazardous contents of each product and component. It aims to provide a basic idea of the kind of e-waste created in the country on a day-to-day basis. The section ends with ‘E-waste Value Chain’ that illuminates the flow of ewaste generating products movement amongst producers, distributors, consumers and recyclers.

It is followed by ‘Scope in India’ section which elaborates on various scope areas and product verticals for e-waste in India. Specific product verticals have been highlighted with information regarding each of their market state and opportunity areas for e-waste management.

Next ‘E-Waste Management’ section covers the basic procedure of e-waste management for a particular company from e-waste management planning to obtaining license, e-waste disposal and documentation.

This section also elaborates the basic procedure of electronic waste management in India. Followed by a section ‘Roles of E-Waste Stakeholders’ which emphasizes on essential role each stakeholder must play to achieve favourable results in e-waste management.

The report continues with ‘Drivers & Challenges’ section elaborating the major furtherance & impediments for e-waste management in India. Both the ‘drivers’ and ’challenges’ are equally stressed upon to provide clear idea regarding the probable obstacles and rewards in the line of business and help vendors take necessary measures.

In the ‘Major E-Waste Player’ section the key e-waste management companies are profiled. It provides information such as corporate & business highlights covering operational & recent information regarding each company’s contact information, location, key product and service offerings and key contacts. It also provides financial performance for a period of time including revenue and profit, key ratios, financial summary and key financial performance indicators.

More information can be found in the report “E-Waste Market in India 2012” by Netscribes (India).

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