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Global Fuel Efficient Internal Combustion Engine Market Study by SBI

08 Feb 2012 • by Natalie Aster

Reciprocating ICEs in the power generation industry may be used on an ongoing basis, but are more commonly used as backup or temporary power sources. Backup power systems, including continuous/uninterruptible power systems, are commonly employed at hospitals, data centers, and other facilities where continuous power reliability is needed.

According to the report “Fuel Efficient Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Technologies Worldwide” by SBI, ICEs also power consumer generators, used for home power backup, recreational vehicles, and various other uses. Especially in remote communities, or in areas with poor electrical generation or distribution infrastructure, large gensets may be used for ongoing power supply. EICEs are expected to be directly applicable to these uses, particularly for frequent use applications where higher cost for EICEs can be offset by reduced fuel costs.

Report Details:

Fuel Efficient Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Technologies Worldwide
Published: January, 2012
Pages: 224
Price: US$ 4.950,00

A variety of cost factors are anticipated to influence the cost of EICE technologies over the near to mid term. These include supply chain and operation related costs, intellectual capital development costs, and the influences of changing regulatory requirements. Supply chain and operation related costs include those costs associated with materials and parts procurement, labor, and other direct production costs for EICE products. Examples include costs for:

  • Raw materials such as steel, aluminum, copper wire, plastics, rubber, etc. 
  • Fabricated/pre-manufactured products such as tubing, actuators, valves, turbomachinery, spark plugs, various other parts, etc. 
  • Production costs including skilled and unskilled labor, electricity, equipment costs, and waste disposal

More information can be found in the report “Fuel Efficient Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Technologies Worldwide” by SBI.

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