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03 Feb 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The impact of Google's expansion into non-traditional areas like different forms of advertising, location-based services, social media, mobile technologies, cloud business, and more, is beginning to have an effect on traditional service providers. These impacts are expected to increase with due time in terms of speed and impact, forcing changes in the ecosystem. As a result, incumbents will probably have to make some difficult decisions in terms of their service/product offerings, partnerships, as well as business models.

New research study “Google vs. Incumbent Service Providers” drawn up by Mind Commerce Publishing provides an evaluation of the competition between Google and incumbent service providers, including an analysis of Google Voice, Google Voice competitor Ring Central, as well as a comparative analysis of VoIP services.

Report Details:

Google vs. Incumbent Service Providers
Published: January, 2012
Pages: 29
Price: US$ 495,00

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