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02 Feb 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd informs that new up-to-date telecommunications research reports by IDATE Consulting & Research have been added to its catalogue.

Hybrid TV Prospects. Hybrid TV industry is gaining momentum and the technology is in high demand. The appetite for OTT video content, reinforced by the development of connected TV solutions further exacerbates this phenomenon. The report positions the hybrid solutions in the new context and measures their impact on the "big" TV markets. It provides valuable market insights and offers a unique database for market statistics …

Telcos' TV Strategies. Telcos’ TV services are currently enjoying one of the highest rates of growth in the marketplace. Initially a source of distinction between ISPs, TV has become a central part of telcos’ marketing and growth strategies. The report unveils most comprehensive and detailed information on the marketing strategies that telcos use when marketing their TV services, and their growing prominence in a TV market in the throes of major upheavals …

Mobile Applications. Nowadays mobile internet is geared for growth, even despite the global recession. For 2016 the worldwide penetration rate of mobile internet will reach 34.7% - or 2.89 billion users - generating service revenues (apps and advertising) of 43.3 billion EUR. Detailed information about market's structure, data & forecasts 2008-2016, player profiles and strategies is the focus of the study. The current and upcoming trends and the different kinds of mobile internet usages …

More new market reports by the publisher can be found at IDATE Consulting & Research page.


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