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Electronics Markets in Israel Reviewed by Euromonitor in New Reports Recently Published at MarketPublishers.com

30 Jan 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd informs that new up-to-date research reports on electronics in Israel by Euromonitor International have been added to its catalogue.

Cameras in Israel. During 2010 the strong growth of smartphones in Israel impacted the cameras environment in two opposing ways. On one hand smartphones had a positive impact on cameras as they increased demand and awareness of better quality cameras with better features and benefits. However, on the other hand the improving image quality and capabilities of smartphones stole sales from the simpler point-and-shoot digital cameras. The detailed review of the total market and future forecasts are incorporated into the new study …

Mobile Phones in Israel. Thanks to the late December 2009 entrance of the iPhone into the Israeli mobile category, smartphones continued to gain attention and sales at the expense of feature phones. iDigital, the exclusive importers of Apple in Israel, finally launched the iPhone in Israel after much anticipation, dramatically increasing demand for smartphones. The study details the market and its key statistics and trends. It covers an in-depth examination of the competitive landscape and future projections …

Portable Media Players in Israel. Portable media player volume sales increased by 2% in 2010. Sales grew very strongly over the review period with a CAGR of 12%, largely driven by the craze for Apple’s iPod and its many imitators. During 2010 the mobile phone category began to take its toll on portable media players as the strong penetration of smartphones began to eat away at certain portable media players, especially MP3 players. The report provides a detailed analysis of the overall market, its key segments, market statistics and trends. It also provides information on the future development of the field …

In-Car Entertainment in Israel. In-car entertainment volume and value sales declined in 2010 with a large contribution to the decrease in 2010 coming from falling sales of in-car navigation devices, which comprised nearly 50% of volume sales in 2010. Over the review period volume sales of in-car navigation devices grew by a CAGR of 39%, as such products were in their introductory stage. The report is a comprehensive guide to the industry, market segmentation, key buzz issues, market trends and developments, competitive landscape and future forecasts …

Camcorders in Israel. During 2010 camcorders witnessed drastic volume and value decreases compared with the previous year. The main reason for the drastic decrease in camcorders during 2010 was the growing popularity of alternative products such as smartphones and advanced digital cameras. Detailed market examination and segmentation, statistics analysis, discussion of top issues and the future of the industry is provided within the study …

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