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China Sourcing Reports: Sanitaryware

27 Dec 2011 • by Natalie Aster

China’s sanitaryware industry is optimistic sales will remain on a growth track in coming months. Many suppliers, however, expect the rate to be lower than last year’s. Domestic clients, for one, are anticipated to rein in purchases amid the slowdown in building activity. The difficult economic climate in the US and the EU, meanwhile, is expected to soften total external demand. Customs statistics for the first nine months of 2011 already attest to decelerating demand. Revenue from overseas shipments rose only 17 percent YoY, 16 percentage points lower than the increase posted during the same period in 2010.

According to the report “China Sourcing Reports: Sanitaryware” by Global Sources, makers are stepping up efforts to expand their client base faced with slowing demand in their major markets. In line with this, selections are becoming more diversified to target various users and economic segments. Many companies also intend to minimize price increases to boost competitiveness.

Report Details:

China Sourcing Reports: Sanitaryware
Published: November 2011
Pages: 49
Price: US$ 350,00

Key findings

  • Sanitaryware suppliers will increase penetration of the Asia-Pacific region in the months ahead, capitalizing on the benefits that the China-ASEAN Free Trade agreement provides. A number also intend to boost exports to the Middle East, Central and South America, Africa and non-EU countries.
  • Even so, the US and the EU will remain key export destinations of China-made sanitaryware. The market in these two areas remains large despite the slowdown, accounting for about 50 percent of sales. Several suppliers are also seeking to expand their client base there, expecting consumers’ heightened price-consciousness to buoy demand for their products.
  • In the domestic market, makers will fortify their footholds by offering more or better services. Many are also intensifying promotional efforts, which include offering price discounts during holidays or festivals.
  • Upcoming releases will comprise conventional and smart models. In both lines, water efficiency will remain a key consideration in R&D.
  • China’s sanitaryware selection will also become more varied in terms of aesthetics. The line is expected to include more shapes and colors, although traditional designs in white, will continue to dominate. The latter are popular since these can fit a range of interior styles.
  • Quotes are expected to increase in coming months should the yuan contiue to gain against the US dollar and manufacturing outlay remains high. Many companies, however, will keep adjustments within 5 percent. This report covers the major products of China’s sanitaryware industry, namely bathroom sinks and vanities, toilets, bidets and urinals, and bathtubs and whirlpools.

More information can be found in the report “China Sourcing Reports: Sanitaryware” by Global Sources.

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