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The Oil & Gas Virtual Reality (VR) Training and Simulation Market 2011-2021

02 Dec 2011 • by Natalie Aster

Kevin McNulty is President of Coole Immersive, an Alberta-based company specialising in the development of immersive training programmes. Visiongain spoke to Mr. McNulty in October 2011 and is grateful for his contribution.

Visiongain: Can you tell us a little bit about the main products and services you provide within the virtual reality market for oil and gas?

Kevin McNulty: Our focus has been on the land-based drilling industry, mainly on service rigs. Drilling rigs are typically quite large and are used to drill the well; Service rigs, which are smaller mobile units, come in and complete the well in order to put it into production. The service rigs will also come back over time and rework the wells in terms of continued fracking or other operations that increase the output of the well. We have developed a comprehensive simulation-based training programme for people working on the rigs from the entry level right through to drillers or operators. Not unlike an apprenticeship programme, they would come in initially for a couple of days of training and then go on to the job for weeks or months and then keep coming back and do the next step until they have completed the entire programme.

Beyond that – though again with service rigs and drilling rigs in mind – we have also developed a series of modules for maintenance. Typically, it is the responsibility of operators to maintain the equipment they use – be it pipe handling equipment like tongs, or compressors or generators. These are bits of equipment which can incur fairly costly damages if they are not properly maintained, so we have developed – again using simulation based learning – a number of modules to show people how to change oil, how to change filters, and the other various tasks that are expected of them around field equipment.

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The Oil & Gas Virtual Reality (VR) Training and Simulation Market 2011-2021
Published: November 2011
Pages: 123
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Report Sample Abstract

Leading Companies in the Oil & Gas Virtual Reality Training and Simulation Market


AspenTech is a Massachusetts-based company who provide process optimisation software and services for the process industry. Founded in 1981 out of a joint research project between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the US Department of Energy (DOE), the company has provided products and services to more than 1,500 companies around the world. AspenTech’s Virtual Training allows the user to access training session from anywhere in the world. With the company’s virtual lab technology, the user is able to view simulations, run practice sessions, and interact with an instructor without requiring the software on their local machine.


Barco is a global technology company specialising in the design and development of visualisation solutions for a number of industries, including medical imaging, media & entertainment, infrastructure & utilities, traffic & transportation, defence and security, education and training and corporate audio visual (AV). Headquartered in Kortrijk, Belgium, Barco employs around 3,500 people and has operations in more than 90 countries. In 2010, the company reported sales of 897m Euros ($1.23bn). The company has provided virtualisation solutions to a number of companies within the oil & gas industry. For instance, in November 2010 the French virtual reality research centre CLARTE installed a Barco I-Space immersive virtual reality cube to aid its research projects. In July 2010, Barco supplied the necessary projectors and visualisation software for a complete 4D visualization room at a sophisticated laboratory at the Polytechnic of the University of Sao Paulo (USP).

Check-6 Inc.

Check-6 Inc. is a leading provider of training solutions to the energy and mining industries. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Oklahoma whilst its operations headquarters are in Houston, Texas. Former clients for its training programmes have included BP, Chevron, Cobalt International Energy, BHP Billiton, Hess Corporation, Marathon Oil, Pemex and Shell, amongst others. In October 2011, Check-6 Inc. awarded a $5.6m contract to SimiGon for delivery of the latter’s SIMbox training software. The contract is valid over a period of five years, with a minimum of $1.1m to be paid to SimiGon this year.

More information can be found in the report “The Oil & Gas Virtual Reality (VR) Training and Simulation Market 2011-2021” by Visiongain.

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