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China Sourcing Reports: Access Control & Anti-intrusion

24 Nov 2011 • by Natalie Aster

China suppliers of access control and anti-intrusion products are looking forward to strong sales this year. For exports, the anticipated increase in revenue is at least 10 percent.

Nonetheless, the industry is prepared to see a deceleration in growth amid various challenges. For one, manufacturers are facing the possibility of weakening demand, especially in the EU and the US, where the difficult economic climate has caused a housing slump.

The slowdown is already apparent in shipments of smart cards. Export sales grew only 6 percent YoY, 19 percentage points lower than the same period last year.

Compounding the sector’s problems is rising production outlay. Makers are suffering from slimmer margins, caught between keeping prices competitive and covering higher costs.

The report “China Sourcing Reports: Access Control & Anti-intrusion” by Global Sources covers major products of China’s access control and antiintrusion industry, namely biometric and nonbiometric access control systems, video doorphones, and intruder detectors and alarms.

Key findings:

  1. Prices of China-made access control and anti-intrusion products will remain relatively stable in coming months. This is reflected in Global Sources’ survey, where most respondents plan on maintaining current rates or keeping increases within 10 percent.
  2. To sustain this strategy and still keep themselves profitable, suppliers are generating cost savings by enhancing operating efficiency. Many are investing in automated production and QC systems for this.
  3. Several enterprises are also looking at ways to minimize the effect of the yuan’s appreciation against the US dollar on margins. Efforts include having shorter validity periods for quotes and accepting settlements in euro.
  4. Investment in R&D is expected to increase as suppliers release more new models that can provide better margins. Product development work will comprise improvements in performance and cosmetic design.
  5. Various technologies are anticipated to converge in upcoming releases. Intruder alarms, in particular, will combine multiple detection methods and DSP. Access control systems will employ offer various authentication modes.
  6. North America and the EU will remain key export destinations. Despite the contraction of the customer base, demand from these markets continues to be large. During the six-month period ending August 2011, shipments of burglar and fire alarms, and smart cards to the two areas contributed more than half to overseas revenue.

Report Details: 

China Sourcing Reports: Access Control & Anti-intrusion
Published: September 2011
Pages: 71
Price: US$ 450.00

Report Sample Abstract 

Supplier profiles: Asia Security Technology Ltd

Headquartered in Fujian province, Asia Security manufactures intruder alarms and detectors, and nonbiometric access control products. The two segments contributed 80 percent or $2.4 million to the company’s $3 million revenue last year. Exports accounted for the majority of sales in the lines.

Monthly shipments averaged 2,440 units. The Asia-Pacific region and North America were the top destinations, absorbing 40 and 30 percent of overseas shipments. The EU, the Middle East, Africa and South America accounted for the rest.

The company carries out production in two factories, one in Fujian and the other in Guangdong province. It employs 70 personnel, including a team of R&D specialists.

More information can be found in the report “China Sourcing Reports: Access Control & Anti-intrusion” by Global Sources.

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