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13 Oct 2011 • by Natalie Aster

Thermal and Digestion Waste-to-Energy Technologies Worldwide

The report makes important predictions and recommendations regarding the near term future of the global waste to energy market, with breakdowns for each of the five considered technologies, with additional market breakdowns for major national markets. It pinpoints methods that current and prospective industry players can capitalize on existing trends, spearhead new trends, and identify and expand into niche and specialty markets.

EOR Enhanced Oil Recovery Worldwide

The report contains comprehensive historical and forecast data; EOR’s share of overall standard oil production, market size and dollar value; identification of key trends, regulations, new technologies, economic factors, environmental factors, and industry hurdles affecting market growth; discussion of market size and growth in various countries; profiles of major or simply interesting companies using EOR.

The World Market for Microgrids

The study contains comprehensive historical data (2006-2010) and forecast data (2011-2020). It identifies key trends, regulations, politics, new technologies, jobs and economic and geographic factors affecting the size and direction of microgrid market growth around the world. Profiles of more than 15 major, or simply interesting, companies involved in the microgrid market are also included.

Global Market for Water Recycling & Reuse: Filtration Systems

WRR technologies are a group of systems used to either recycle greywater (water from bathtubs, shower drains, washing machines, sinks and dishwashers) and “blackwater” (toilet water) or, to reuse water, by using greywater for landscaping, toilet flushing or other nonpotable water needs. The WRR market is expected to see exciting growth, reaching $57.21 billion in 2015.

Global Intelligent Transportation Systems Products Market

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) enable vehicles, roads, traffic lights, message signs and other elements to become intelligent by embedding them with microchips and sensors and empowering them to communicate with each other through wireless technologies. The report assesses the global market for ITS applications and products and forecasts the growth opportunities for ITS suppliers, manufacturers, and end-users through 2015.

Water and Air Purification Systems and Products: Residential & Commercial

The research report presents an in-depth analysis of the development, applications, products,technologies, manufacturers, and trends for products that help make indoor air cleaner and healthier and water purer, both for consumer usage as well as industrial and commercial applications.

Energy Storage Technologies in Utility Markets Worldwide

Energy storage systems provide the ability to balance power demand and supply, reduce electric surges and sags, maintain power frequency, and ensure power remains available for critical loads when power outages occur. The global market for energy storage solutions in the utility sector is expected to grow by 15.8% per year to over $10 billion in 2015. Meanwhile, the value of energy storage solutions in the United States is forecast to increase 26.6% per year to nearly $2 billion in 2015.

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