Market Access Brazil: Unlocking Pharma Potential

01 Sep 2011 • by Natalie Aster

Navigating Brazil's nationalist policies, tough patent laws and competition from generics can make gaining a foothold seem daunting. The report “Market Access Brazil: Unlocking Pharma Potential” by FirstWord offers critical insight into how foreign pharmaceutical companies can overcome those obstacles.

Despite a newly-elected government keen to attract foreign investment, the pharmaceutical industry in Brazil faces several hurdles: price setting, intellectual property requirements, burdensome tax laws, slow product approvals and linguistic barriers. FirstWord's latest report, Market Access Brazil: Unlocking Pharma Potential, provides the industry with the most current political insight, the latest trends, expert opinion and a concise roadmap to establishing a presence in Brazil.

With this year’s election of president Dilma Rousseff, Brazil has indicated a willingness to encourage long-term foreign investment in the pharmaceutical industry. Yet while Rousseff has set three critical path priorities to ensure investment flows into the country, there are serious concerns. Price setting, the ‘big stick’ of the compulsory licenses, burdensome tax laws, slow product approvals and linguistic barriers have all emerged as key issues. Complicating matters is competition from government-favoured generics and a high volume in illegally-traded drugs, which represent 25 percent of all pharmaceuticals sold.

Yet while those issues may seem insurmountable, gaining access to the fast-growing and potentially rich Brazilian market is not impossible—with the right information.

Report Details:

Market Access Europe: It's Not Just About Price

Published: July 2011
Pages: 38
Price: US$ 795.00

Key report features:

  • Examination of intellectual property and price controls and their impact on foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers;
  • Role of generics, their phenomenal success and its impact on market share for the top ten producers;
  • Explanation of licensing agreements, their loopholes and legislation to close them;
  • Outline of investing within a protectionist environment, with a look at agreements that impact the pharma industry;
  • Company updates on Pfizer, sanofi-aventis, Laboratorios Silanes de Mexico, Amgen, Hypermarcas de Brazil and GlaxoSmithKline amongst others.

Who would benefit from the report?

  • Market Access directors and managers;
  • Pricing and reimbursement professionals;
  • Health economics professionals;
  • Medical affairs professionals;
  • Regulatory affairs teams and advisors;
  • Heads of marketing and sales;
  • Brand directors and managers;
  • Therapy area heads;
  • Emerging market leads;
  • Country managers.

More information can be found in the report “Market Access Europe: It's Not Just About Price” by FirstWord.

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