Global CEO Business Outlook Survey 2011–2012

02 Sep 2011 • by Natalie Aster

Overall, 63% of respondents are more optimistic about revenue growth for their company over the next 12 months than the previous 12 months. A further 24% are neutral, while 9% of respondents are less optimistic about their company’s revenue growth prospects. Strong growth in emerging markets such as Eastern Europe has contributed to an increase in revenue optimism. In addition to this, the revision of business policies, management changes, steps taken by companies to rationalize costs, favorable government policies and commodity price stability have all led to increased optimism levels among industry respondents.

The report “Global CEO Business Outlook Survey 2011–2012” by iCD Research analyzes how industry buyers' procurement expenditure, industry suppliers' media spend, business strategies and practices are set to change in 2011–2012. It also identifies future growth of buyers and suppliers, M&A and investment expectations. Furthermore, the report not only grants access to the opinions and strategies of business decision makers and competitors, but also examines their actions surrounding business priorities. It also provides access to information categorized by region, company type and size.

Strong growth in emerging markets such as Eastern Europe has contributed to an increase in revenue optimism. The need to ‘expand customer base’ and ‘invest in innovative technologies’ are cited as the major factors behind the rise in revenue growth optimism. The top three key expected changes for 2011 are to ‘expand in current market’, introduction of ‘new products and services’ and ‘expand abroad’.

Respondents identify China to be the most important region for growth among emerging markets, along with India and Brazil. China’s growth is expected to increase in 2011 due to strong market potential, strong economic growth and sufficient labor resources. The US, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany and the UK are identified as the most important regions for growth among developed regions.

Report Details:

Global CEO Business Outlook Survey 2011–2012

Published: August, 2011
Pages: 69
Price: US$ 2,000.00

The report is a result of responses derived from iCD Research’s exclusive B2B panel of senior decision-making respondents. It is intended to provide readers with first-hand analysis of the industry’s present situation. The report includes analysis of responses from senior industry stakeholders and detailed segmentation to enable the reader to make well-informed business decisions. The survey responses from C-level executives ensure optimum credibility and provide accurate snapshots of industry trends, behaviors and forecasts.

Key Features:

  • The report helps marketing agencies in the industry to promote their business by aligning their capabilities and business practices with their customer’s changing needs, while it also helps suppliers to benchmark their efforts with that of their competitors;
  • The report uncovers the business outlook, key challenges and opportunities identified by suppliers and buyers, enabling industry stakeholders to understand the business sentiment prevailing in the industry;
  • ·         The report is based on primary survey research conducted by ICD Research accessing its premium B2B panels comprised of senior decision makers and leading supplier organizations.

More information can be found in the report “Global CEO Business Outlook Survey 2011–2012” by iCD Research.

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