In-store Services and Events in Global Retailing

10 Jun 2011 • by Natalie Aster

“Across all core sectors, DIY and electrical retailers have made the most innovative steps towards engaging with children. Specifically this has included children's home improvement workshops, summer camps and operating as a destination for school trips. Best practice examples include Apple, B&Q in the UK, and Bunnings Warehouse in Australia.”

Specialist retail stores are increasingly faced with competition from the online retail channel as well as supermarkets and other non-specialists. This has renewed the emphasis on attracting shoppers by providing entertainment and advice. The report “In-store Services and Events in Global Retailing” by Verdict outlines the key drivers behind such a strategy as well as providing inspiration and advice for retailers hoping to create in-store destinations.


  • Glean ideas for your retail business by uncovering innovative examples of in-store services and events taking place across all retail sectors;
  • Benchmark your in-store services and events against competitors by discovering the key trends within your sector;
  • Discover how to differentiate your retail business by offering in-store services and events beyond the norm in your retail sector;
  • Future proof your in-store investments by uncovering they type of services and events that will be important going forward;
  • Identify which retailers are offering more services and events for their customers and provide them with assistance.


  • What services are being adopted by grocery, clothing, health and beauty, entertainment, electronics and DIY retailers in key global markets?
  • How have retailers across the world implemented services such as shoe and bra fitting, DIY and cooking workshops and technology training?
  • How have retailers created a sense of theatre by providing events such as creative writing lessons, celebrity meet and greets and clothes swaps?
  • Why have retailers in sectors such as grocery, apparel, and health and beauty, felt motivated to offer in-store services?
  • Which services and events will be important for the retail sector in the future?

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In-store Services and Events in Global Retailing

Published: May 2011

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Report Highlights

By offering enhanced services and events in their stores retailers can enhance sales by; instilling customers with the confidence to buy and use certain products, engendering lifelong loyalty in their retail brand and differentiating themselves from retail competitors, especially those online.
Grocers should strive to deliver unique services that act as a differentiator for consumers. This may include targeting neglected consumer segments such as the elderly by providing free large-print prescriptions and recipe cards, and foreign language consumers, by improving awareness of multi-lingual staff.

More information can be found in the report “In-store Services and Events in Global Retailing” by Verdict.

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