Evolution & Challenges of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Market in India

Date: September 1, 2011
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Evolution & Challenges of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Market in India
VoIP or IP telephony is a digital phone service via internet, people are able to make unlimited local and long distance calls. Internet telephony in general refers to communications services — voice, fax, SMS, and/or voice-messaging applications — that are transported via the Internet, rather than the public switched telephone network (PSTN). However, VoIP in India is yet to gain acceptance, but its future prospects are high. Low call-rates as compared to conventional telephony and increasing Internet penetration are set to drive growth of the VoIP-based services in India. Further, in India VoIP services are growing with exponential rate and it is expected there will be more than 70 Million mobile VoIP users. Moreover, the growing mobile market which was worth INR 2,25,000 Crores in 2010 strengthen the prospect of VoIP market. According to our latest research, the strongest growth is posted by data services such as mVoIP, both on fixed and mobile networks. Also, the sale of Internet connections and data services on fixed networks is growing and was around 7% in 2010. The mobile VoIP market will evolve further during the next five years and will reach the mark of INR 1,62,000 Crores. The future prospects of the VoIP market are strong and will support the existing players in the market to grow. Further, it also provides a room for the new players to emerge in the market as the market is in introductory phase.
Executive Summary
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
What is mVoIP
Why use mVoIP
How to use mVoIP
Salient Features mVoIP
Challenges of mVoIP
Overview of Market
List of Licensed Internet Service Providers Providing Internet Telephony Services in India
Comparison of Indian Market vis-a-vis Foreign Markets
Overview of Regulatory Framework from Foreign Markets
United States of America
United Kingdom
Brief Review of India TRAI Press Release Legalizing VOIP
VoIP: A Revenue Challenge
Negative Growth for Fixed Line Phone Business
Government Target Likely To Fall Short
mVoIP: A Threat or An Opportunity
A likely boom in mVoIP Traffic
Mobile Market and mVoIP
Future Applications for VoIP
SWOT Analysis of the Market
PEST Analysis for Telecom Industry in India
Operational cost
Quality of service
Susceptibility to power failure
Emergency calls
Lack of redundancy
Number portability
Caller ID
Fax handling
Support for other telephony devices
Low call rates
Internet penetration
End user segment – Consumer
End user segment – Enterprise
Lower Telecom Costs
Simplified Communications Management
VoIP: Riding on Unified Communications
The Advantages
Advantages of IP Telephony System
Stumbling blocks
New Technologies
Future Applications
mVoIP: A Future Perspective
Government Regulations
The Road Ahead
List of charts & tables

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Evolution & Challenges of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Market in India
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