Enterprise Mobility Market in India

Date: May 1, 2011
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Enterprise Mobility Market in India

The digital lifestyle of people is revolutionizing information consumption. Being online and always connected has become a lifestyle of the Gen Y’ers. The change Web 2.0 era has brought in (further exemplified by the technological advancements across mobile devices and enabling infrastructures) has changed the meaning of being “Online”. We started seeing this happening on the mobile devices when the growth of device platforms such as the iPhone and Android created a near-PC like experience on mobile phones and elevated them to a level where they can effectively replace PCs for day-to-day needs. Today, this is being extended to the living room through Interactive TV applications that enable people from accessing information about their local area, to update their status on Facebook.

In the Web 1.0 era, web-enabling enhanced the accessibility of enterprise applications significantly. In the Web 2.0 era, “mobile” is changing the way enterprises conduct their business. With more than 4 billion mobile users, the mobile device presents an opportunity that will parallel or even exceed the impact of the Internet.

Over the years, the Enterprise Mobility market has matured. Widespread usage of mobility in the enterprises started with Blackberry enabling mobile access to enterprise emails. From there, we have moved on to see an increasing number of enterprises who have either invested or investing in mobility for their mission critical corporate applications like Customer Relationship Management(CRM), Forward Freight Agreement(FFA), Sales Force Automation(SFA) and Supply Chain Management(SCM).

  • Users behaviour trend has been discussed in detail with the changes in the technology
  • Types of products and services which have come up with mobility trends has been listed
  • Market entry strategy has been provided in the report
  • Key challenges and barriers which become an obstacle on path of growth of this industry has been mentioned
  • Success stories observed in various verticals in the industry have been discussed
Key Benefits:
  • Exploit growth opportunities across various market segments within the mobility market in India.
  • Devise market-entry and expansion strategies for different types of enterprise mobility market products in India
  • Market predictions for future have been mentioned in the report
  • Devise product, sales and marketing strategies from the in depth SWOT and PEST analyses.
  • Identify key growth markets for your products from the region wise stability and demand data.
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Enterprise Mobility Market in India
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