Singapore Defence and Security Report Q1 2014

Date: November 13, 2013
Pages: 74
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BMI View: Despite signs of economic turbulence in late 2012 and early 2013, Singapore's economy has performed better than expected during the middle two quarters of 2013. Consequently Singapore's 2013 GDP growth rate forecast has been revised upwards from between 1-3%to 2.5-3.5%. The Monetary authority of Singapore expects this economic expansion to continue into 2014, enabling the Singaporean government to maintain its stable defence budget, traditionally equivalent to roughly 6% of GDP. While still perhaps the most serious security threat Singapore faces, a serious economic downturn is less of a concern than in the previous two quarters.

This positive economic outlook coincides with the procurement, or planned procurement, of several new pieces of military hardware including the Aster-30 surface-to-air missile system and AN/TPQ-53 (V) Counterfire Target Acquisition Radar System. While no final decisions have been made regarding the long rumoured acquisition of the F-35 fighter jet, US officials report that an initial order of a dozen F-35s could be announced at the Singapore air show in February 2014. The purchase of F-35 fighters would constitute the largest military purchase in Singapore's history, underlining the close security relations the city-state enjoys with the United States (US).
Singapore Security SWOT
Singapore Defence & Security SWOT
Business Environment
Industry Forecast
Defence Budget
  Table Defence Expenditure, 2010-2017
Armed Forces
  Table Armed Forces ('000 personnel, unless otherwise stated), 2002-2008
  Table Manpower Available For Military Service (aged 16-49 unless otherwise stated), 2010-2017 .
Defence Sector Production
  Table Defence Imports (US$mn) 2010-2017
  Table Defence Exports (US$mn), 2010-2017
Macroeconomic Forecasts
Household Leverage Is A Risk…
…But The Overall Picture Is More Sanguine
Higher Returns On External Assets Will Provide A Boost
Near Term Growth Prospects Muted, But Stronger Growth On The Horizon
  Table Singapore - Economic Activity
Industry Risk Reward Ratings
Asia Security Risk Ratings
  Table Asia Pacific Regional Security Ratings
  Table Asia Pacific State Vulnerability To Terrorism Index
Singapore Risk Ratings
Market Overview
Defence Market Overview
The Armed Forces
Domestic Defence Industries
Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Security Market Overview
Domestic Threats
Regional Threats
International Threats
Company Profile
Singapore Technologies Aero
Singapore Technologies Electronics
Singapore Technologies Kinetics
Singapore Technologies Marine
Regional Overview
Political Risk Analysis
Global Industry Overview
Global Political Outlook
Industry Forecast Methodology
Sector-Specific Methodology
Risk/Reward Rating Methodology
Sector-Specific Methodology
  Table Security Risk/Reward Ratings Indicators
  Table Weighting Of Indicators
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Singapore Defence and Security Report Q1 2014
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