The Rise of Media Apps in Smart Mobile Devices

Date: April 1, 2013
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The Rise of Media Apps in Smart Mobile Devices
In 2013, smart mobile device (i.e., smartphones and tablet PCs) shipments will surpass the total number of computing and digital media devices shipped. However, the challenge posed by smart media devices is not about the devices themselves, but rather the software platforms (i.e., Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows RT and others) upon which they run. They have become the basis for establishing a whole new series of media applications that are fundamentally changing the relationship that consumers have with their media service providers and the digital content they want to access.
  • They afford consumers more control in managing access of their overall relationship with digital media content. They allow customers to manage their pay TV accounts online, and to remotely control digital media devices in the home to record and store content.
  • They incorporate many of the computing, Internet, cloud and social media-type application features that help consumers find and access more of the type of digital content they want to see.
These two phenomena pose a number of threats to the existing media service delivery business models, but, in particular, they:
  • Shift some emphasis from broadcasting digital media over delivery assets to streaming digital media through over-the-top distribution assets;
  • Deemphasize the use of broadcast and digital media devices technology as a means of controlling consumer access to digital media content; and
  • Establish a new context for media service providers to create direct relationships with individual consumers.
MRG believes that the rise of media apps running over smart media devices has the potential to create massive disruptions with respect to the relationship between the media and entertainment, computing and cloud services, and wireless mobile device industries. Since smart mobile device platforms will be the main vehicle for breaking down these traditional industry lines, the likelihood of a transition to widespread access to digital media content is more possible now than ever.

This report is relevant to smartphone and tablet PC device and software developers, computing and digital media device vendors, application store and applications development networks, cloud computing service vendors, home networking equipment vendors, wireless service providers, OTT service providers, and players across the entire media and entertainment value chain, including content creators, content aggregations, content distribution, pay TV service providers, and broadcast services companies. The report contains five-year forecasts for worldwide computing, digital media and smart mobile device shipments as well as worldwide mobile device shipments by platform. The deliverable is comprised of a PDF and an Excel file.
Executive Summary
The Mobile Side of Media Apps
App Stores are the Source for Media Apps
Smart Mobile Platforms Follow the Emergence of Cloud Services
Overview of Cloud Computing
Mobile Platforms and Digital Media Devices as Cloud Clients
The Digital Media Home Renaissance
From Two Home Networks to One
Digitization of Broadcast and Broadband Services
From Consumer Electronics to Computing Devices
WANs Outside the Digital Home
The Contributions 3G to 4G Wide Area Networks
Public Wireless LAN
The Impact of Gen Yers and Gen Xers
The M&E Side of Media Apps
How M&E Controlled the Transition to DTV and HDTV
Digital Media Content Formats Open a New World for Mobile Devices
Media’s Contribution to Digital Media Software
What’s Happening Now
Old Habits Die Hard: Device-Based Media Innovations
Conclusion: The Impact of Media Apps on Smart Mobile Platforms
Mobile Becomes the Predominant Media Platform in the Home
Valued-Added Media Apps Drive New Consumer Behaviors
Media Companies Buy In or Adapt


Figure 1 Worldwide Computing, Digital Media and Smart Mobile Device Shipments, 2012-2017 (in Millions)
Figure 2 Worldwide Computing, Digital Media and Smart Mobile Device Shipment Market Share, 2012 and 2017.
Figure 3 Company Revenues for Apple and Google, 2006-2012 (in millions)
Figure 4 Comparison of Cloud Computing Services and Smart Mobile Platform Technology.
Figure 5 Total Digital Media Device and Connected Digital Media Device Shipments, 2012-2017 (in millions)
Figure 6 Extended Digital Content Delivery Value Chain.
Figure 7 Traditional Media and Entertainment Digital Media Device Software.
Figure 8 Examples of Device Innovation from US-based Pay TV Service Providers
Figure 9 Worldwide Mobile Device Shipments by Platform, 2012-2017 (in Millions)


Table 1 Summary of Key Smartphone and Tablet PC Product Launches
Table 2 Worldwide WLAN Household Penetration by Region, 2012-2017.
Table 3 Worldwide Pay TV Subscription Household Penetration by Region, 2012-2017.
Table 4 Worldwide Broadband Household Penetration by Region, 2012-2017.
Table 5 Summary of Digital Formats Required to Playout Video Content to Major Device Platforms
Table 6 Worldwide Mobile Device Shipments by Platform as a Percent of Total, 2012-2017

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The Rise of Media Apps in Smart Mobile Devices
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