Indian Legal Process Outsourcing Market

Date: September 1, 2011
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Indian Legal Process Outsourcing Market
Legal Process Outsourcing is a lucrative route to reduce cost and increase efficiency by outsourcing legal work. As per January 2010 data there are more than 128 LPO providers in India alone, India currently employs around 32,000 people and it is expected to rise with the high growth rate. LPO professionals not only include lawyers but they may be engineers, Chartered accountant, CS, as well as professional from other fields. Public Sector use of LPO is the largest new source of growth in 2011. Political considerations and ongoing caution across all sectors will support the growth of the on-shore delivery market, though India remains the most common delivery location. Indian LPO industry which was valued at US$640 million at the end of 2010, is expected to grow to US$ 4000 mllion by the end of 2015. Further, India is expected to be a leader in legal service provider in world and the proportion of service being provided by India to USA will reduce from current 65% to 55% and of UK from current 18% to 12%. The new section and new country which will emerge for India in this sector will be Canada, Russia, Israel, Spain, France, Australia and Germany. Germany which uses Indian LPO currently for cases of arbitraging and export problem due to English in USA is thinking for transferring more and more jobs to India as new Indian lawyer are also skilled in speaking German hence giving Germany a leading hand in development of LPO sector in India. Although, outsourcing legal processes seems to be the most obvious alternative to most law firms, embarking on such a strategy, however, encompasses a number of complexities. Mindful of the fact that law firms deal with issues which are complex and highly sensitive in nature, costs alone cannot be the deciding factor when off-shoring legal tasks. One requires to perform a thorough due diligence while choosing a vendor who not only meets the key cost objectives, but also maintains high level of confidentiality standards which are comparable to the US/UK law firms.
Executive Summary
Industry Overview
Industry in India
Reasons for Outsourcing to India
Global Outsourcing to India (in %)
Services provided by Indian LPOs for US based firms (in %)
Business Services
Electronic Document Management Services
Electronic Document Discovery Services
Intellectual Property Services
Working of LPO Industry
Typical Organization Structure in a LPO
Market Structure & Segmentation
Single player [proprietor, company etc]
Broad-based KPO and BPO Providers
MNCs firm developing own LPO centre
Captives of Law firms
Joint Ventures between firms
Limited LPO/ Limited Legal Support Service Providers
Services Catalogue of a LPO
Cases which can be performed through outsourcing
Services which are being done through outsourcing
Other Services
Business Information & Market Research
Intellectual Property service
Sources of Inbound Business
Large MNCs
Offshore Service Providers
Law Firms
Advantages & Disadvantages of LPO Industry
Cost Savings
Round-the-Clock Operations
Access to Global Labor Pool
Cultural Differences
Communication Barriers
Hidden Costs
Geographical Hurdles
Perceptions on Outsourcing Legal Work
Third Party Service Providers/Vendors (TPSP’s)
Points in favor of TPSP
Points against TPSP
Captive Units
Points in favor of Captive Units
Points against Captive Units
Key Demand Drivers
Key Challenges / Barriers
Key Opportunities
Key Success Factors
Security and Confidentiality
Disclosure and Client Consent
Limited resources
Staff development and retention
Cultural Issues
Hidden Costs
Communication Barriers
Market Entry Strategy
Country Advantage
Market forecast with Macroeconomic assumptions

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Indian Legal Process Outsourcing Market
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