Express Benchmarking 2009 - Italy

Date: October 1, 2009
Pages: 21
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Publisher: Datamonitor
Report type: Strategic Report
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Express Benchmarking 2009 - Italy

With the Italian express and parcels market feeling the effects of the economic downturn the competitive landscape changed considerably. This Benchmarking report includes market shares for the leading players in Italy, as well as across all of the key market segmentations such as Service level (Express - Parcel, Destination (Domestic - International) and Recipient (B2B - B2C).


*Analyses the position of the largest players in the express market, including DHL, UPS, DPD, the postal operator and other local European operators.

*Analyses key metrics in the industry: overall market shares, as well as within the 3 segmentations: destination, service level and recipient.


The Italian express market has become a consolidated space which is dominated by 10 players who have a cumulative share of over 80% of total market value.

Reasons to Purchase

*Understand how the economic downturn is affecting the competitive positions of postal and express companies.

*Understand the competitive dynamics of the express market, as well as analyse your competitors' strengths and weaknesses.

*Understand which express companies currently have the strongest positions in the country's express market.

Italian Courier, Express & Parcels market
Market Size – slide4
Overall Ranking – slide
Economy Vs. Premium– slide
Domestic Economy Vs International Economy – slide7
Domestic Premium Vs International Premium – slide8
Domestic Vs. International – slide
B2B Vs. B2C – slide
Domestic B2B Vs International B2B –slide11
Domestic B2C Vs International B2C–slide12
Market Shares by Service Level – slide
Market Shares by Service Level by destination – slide
Market Shares by Recipient – slide
Market Shares by Recipient by destination – slide
Market Shares by Destination – slide
Comments – slide
Appendix– slide
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Express Benchmarking 2009 - Italy
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