Gas and Power Fundamentals Outlook: Netherlands

Date: April 1, 2010
Pages: 6
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Publisher: Datamonitor
Report type: Strategic Report
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Gas and Power Fundamentals Outlook: Netherlands

Datamonitor's Gas and Power Capacity Forecast contains supply and demand outlooks for 32 states (EU27+ Russia, Norway, Croatia, Switzerland and Algeria) to 2030, on a year by year basis to 2015. The forecasts are based upon a regression analysis of demand against economic and demographic trends, combined with a qualitative assessment of regulatory and political drivers.


*Country specific forecasts of gas and power fundamentals up to 2030, based upon sophisticated econometric analysis and regulatory review

*The power forecast includes a breakdown of the generation mix, according to legislative drivers, existing capacity phase out & planned new generation

*The gas forecast contains a summary of supply sources, based upon historical trade patterns, projected output and new pipelines

*The gas forecast also contains a projection of the states' gas production to 2030


The Netherlands will become a net importer of gas around 2025

Datamonitor expects Borssele's second reactor to be in operation by 2020, increasing installed nuclear capacity to nearly 2GW

Reasons to Purchase

*Use this forecast as a reference tool for estimating future demand, supply, generation mix and capacity constraints in gas and power across Europe

*Identify growth markets and opportunities for investment according to states' long term fundamentals outlook and states' individual energy policies

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Gas and Power Fundamentals Outlook: Netherlands
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