Sudan and South Sudan Infrastructure Report Q2 2014

Date: March 26, 2014
Pages: 120
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BMI View: The outbreak of civil war in South Sudan will throw the construction industry into disarray in terms of financing and diverting government attention away from chronically needed investment plans. The heightened political and security risks are reducing vital oil production, which will have a negative impact over the border in Sudan. The Sudanese construction industry suffered heavily over 2012 and 2013 as oil trade between the two countries was suspended. This highlights our view that our infrastructure and construction sector forecasts remain overwhelmingly dependent on relations between the two countries, as both are reliant on the flow of oil to generate the revenues needed to invest in their chronically poor infrastructure. Political demonstrations in Sudan have damaged the reputation of the already internationally isolated government and this could impact vital Chinese investment in the country. Should South Sudan manage to resolve its domestic crisis and present itself as a stable country, it will fare better over the coming years, with robust economic growth forecast and the international community providing assistance to the world's newest state. That said, the market is virtually non-existent, meaning the scale of opportunities will remain limited.

The delays to receiving revenue from the oil sector in light of the 2012 shut down of production were still being felt in the construction industry before the outbreak of civil strife in South Sudan. The issue of oil revenues remains key in holding back short-term growth in Sudan and South Sudan's infrastructure sectors. It will take many months before oil revenues - both for South Sudan, in terms of export receipts, and Sudan, in terms of pipeline royalties - reach significant levels, and it will take even longer for those revenues to find their way into infrastructure projects.
BMI Industry View
Infrastructure SWOT
Industry Forecast
Construction And Infrastructure Forecast Scenario
  Table: Sudan Construction & Infrastructure Industry Data, 2012-2017
  Table: Sudan Construction & Infrastructure Industry Data Long-Term Forecast, 2018-2023
Industry Forecast Scenario
Transport Infrastructure - Outlook And Overview
Major Projects Table - Transport
  Table: Major Projects - Transport
Energy And Utilities - Outlook And Overview
  Table: East Africa Major Infrastructure Projects: Energy & Utilities
Residential And Non-Residential Building - Outlook And Overview
Major Projects Table - Residential/Non-Residential Building And Social Infrastructure
  Table: Major Projects - Residential/Non-Residential Building And Social Infrastructure
Industry Risk Reward Ratings
Sudan And South Sudan - Industry Risk/Reward Ratings
Sub-Saharan Africa - Infrastructure Risk/Reward Ratings
  Table: Sub-Saharan Africa Infrastructure Risk/Reward Ratings
Market Overview
Competitive Landscape
  Table: Number Of International Contractors In East Africa
Global Infrastructure Overview
Africa In 2014: PPPs Cement Global Appeal
Asia-Pacific In 2014: Shaping Up To Be A Benign Year
Latin America In 2014: A Prosperous Year For Infrastructure Development
MENA In 2014: Reaping Rewards Despite Risks
North America And Europe In 2014: Turning A Corner
Industry Forecast Methodology
Sector-Specific Methodology
Risk/Reward Rating Methodology
Sector-Specific Methodology
  Table: Infrastructure Risk/Reward Rating Indicators
  Table: Weighting Of Indicators
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Sudan and South Sudan Infrastructure Report Q2 2014
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