Thailand Agribusiness Report Q4 2012

Date: August 28, 2012
Pages: 84
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Publisher: Business Monitor International
Report type: Strategic Report
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Executive Summary

BMI View: Thailand will maintain its status of key Asian agricultural provider in the coming years.

However, the government's interference in the market, especially in the rice sector, will hinder the competitiveness of Thai's production compared to its Asian rivals. Although rice farmers will directly gain from the rice guarantee buyback-programme, we are uncertain about the long-term effectiveness of these policies in enhancing Thai food-producing efficiency as well as boosting the country's export competitiveness. In the livestock sector, the lift of the EU's eight-year ban on raw Thai poultry imports should support production and help the sector against Brazil's fierce competition.
Executive Summary
SWOT Analysis
Thailand Agriculture Swot
Thailand Business Environment SWOT
Supply Demand Analysis
Thailand Grains Outlook
  Table: Thailand Corn Production & Consumption, 2011-2016
  Table: Thailand Corn Production & Consumption, 2007-2012
Thailand Rice Outlook
  Table: Thailand Rice Production & Consumption, 2011-2016
  Table: Thailand Rice Production & Consumption, 2007-2012
Thailand Sugar Outlook
  Table: Thailand Sugar Production, Consumption & Trade, 2011-2016
  Table: Thailand Sugar Production & Consumption, 2007-2012
Thailand Dairy Outlook
  Table: Thailand Milk Production & Consumption, 2011-2016
  Table: Thailand Butter Production & Consumption, 2011-2016
  Table: Thailand Milk Production & Consumption, 2007-2012
  Table: Thailand Butter Production & Consumption, 2007-2012
Thailand Livestock Outlook
  Table: Thailand Poultry Production & Consumption, 2011-2016
  Table: Thailand Pork Production & Consumption, 2011-2016
  Table: Thailand Beef & Veal Production & Consumption, 2011-2016
  Table: Thailand Poultry Production & Consumption, 2007-2012
  Table: Thailand Pork Production & Consumption, 2007-2012
  Table: Thailand Beef & Veal Production & Consumption, 2007-2012
Commodity Price Analysis
Monthly Grains Update
Wheat - Weak Harvests Widen Deficit
Corn - Anticipating US Downgrades
Soybean - Watching Latin American Plantings
Rice - The Best Supplied Market?
Select Commodities: Performance & BMI Forecasts
Monthly Softs Update
Cocoa: Supported Until Q412
Coffee: Supported In Short Term
Palm Oil: Sustained Break
Sugar: Temporary Strength
Cotton: Still Looking Weak
Select Commodities: Performance & BMI Forecasts
Upstream Analysis
Asia GM Outlook
Asia Machinery Outlook
Asia Fertiliser Outlook
Downstream Analysis
Food Consumption
  Table: Food Consumption Indicators - Historical Data & Forecasts
Canned Food
  Table: Canned Food Value/Volume Sales - Historical Data & Forecasts
  Table: Confectionery Value/Volume Sales - Historical Data & Forecasts
  Table: Food & Drink Trade Indicators - Historical Data & Forecasts
Alcoholic Drinks
  Table: Thailand Alcoholic Drinks - Value/Volume Sales Historical Data & Forecasts
Alcoholic drinks
  Table: Beer
Alcoholic drinks
Soft Drinks
  Table: Soft Drinks Value/Volume Sales - Historical Data & Forecasts
Hot Drinks
  Table: Hot Drinks Value Sales - Historical Data & Forecasts
Mass Grocery Retail
  Table: Mass Grocery Retail Sales By Format - Historical Data & Forecasts
Country Snapshot: Thailand Demographic Data
  Table: Thailand's Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 ('000)
  Table: Thailand's Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 (% of total)
  Table: Thailand's Key Population Ratios, 1990-2020
  Table: Thailand's Rural And Urban Population, 1990-2020
BMI Forecast Modelling
How We Generate Our Industry Forecasts
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