Old El Paso Case Study: addressing the connectivity trend with the meal kit concept

Date: February 1, 2010
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Old El Paso Case Study: addressing the connectivity trend with the meal kit concept

This case study on Old El Paso forms part of Datamonitor's case studies series, which explores business practices across a variety of disciplines and business sectors. It looks at how the meal kit brand has maintained its leadership position by capitalizing on consumer desire for family meals that are value for money and time saving.

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    Meal kits are a growing offshoot of ready meals that address convenience and connectivity trends
    Meal kits attract consumers who are looking for ready meals with added qualities
    Meal kits address the connectivity trend, enabling consumers to spend quality time with their families
    Meal kits help consumers explore foreign foods with ease, but some ethnic cuisines perform better in this format than others
    Old El Paso is one of the strongest brands promoting the meal kit concept, addressing the convenience and connectivity trends
    Old El Paso is one of the oldest established meal kit brands
    Old El Paso's growth remains strong as it appeals to families on a budget
    The brand has been marketed extensively in order to encourage regular family dining and a weekly 'taco night'
    General Mills is working with grocery stores to promote the brand at point of sale


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    Table 1: The leading countries in the ready meals market in North America and Europe ($m), 2003-13
    Table 2: Old El Paso product line


    Figure 1: The US is the leading market for meal kit launches
    Figure 2: Meal kit launches have been sporadic over the past five years
    Figure 3: Family life achieves a high satisfaction rate around the world
    Figure 4: Consumers are attempting to cook from scratch more often and be less reliant on ready meals
    Figure 5: Meal kits have an Asian food focus in their core markets
    Figure 6: General Mills offers a range of meal kits and related items under the Old El Paso brand
    Figure 7: General Mills has promoted the Old El Paso brand as being a fun-loving family orientated brand

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    Old El Paso Case Study: addressing the connectivity trend with the meal kit concept
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